POWER DOUGH is the 1st Animated DOUGH Brand!

A UNIQUE and powerful activity toy line for the new generation of kids. This innovative activity set lets children mold and construct their creations with dough and plastic “Power Parts” that activate when pushed into the dough. The dough conducts like magic to activate the lights, speakers, or motors. The interchangeable accessories to move, light-up and speak! A full line of different themed kits. What will you create?


Monsters, Vehicles, Magic pets, Sea Creatures, Unicorns, Dragons.

Each set includes dough, interchangeable accessories and the patent-pending “Power Parts”. Encapsulated batteries are included. Plus the “Power Parts” are compatible with other all dough brands. Bring your creations magically to life, for hours of endless fun and creativity.
Kids are going to adore seeing their colorful creations come to life.
Designed for pre-school children and up.




Dough Conducts Like Magic!
Watch it Spin, Move, & Light Up! It Can Even Talk!



A full line designed & created by CANAL TOYS

Canal Toys is a creator of Toys For All!For more than 20 years, Canal Toys has been developing creative and innovative toys for all ages. Canal Toys is globally recognized as a quality manufacturer thanks to their broad industry experience and commitment to quality.

Our commitment QUALITY

In accordance with strict quality standards, Canal Toys performs annual social audits at all factories and respects the fundamental principles of the International Labor Organization. All products comply with the Toy Quality standards.